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Sustaining Lentil Soup

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Oh, to be contentedly warm and full. Such is the stuff of a Dickens’ novel. It being that both my sister and I will literally wither away and expire upon consuming most comfort foods (gluten and dairy intolerances leave us with potatoes, basically), a bowl of soup contains unsurpassed joy. Especially when made up of a superfood, the lentil. A superfood is a single, whole ingredient that dietitians claim can benefit and even improve your health. Lentils, a member of the legume family, are incredibly nutritious and have been shown…read more

Salsa Verde

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Our beloved dining/living/multi-purpose/life-in-full-swing room has just now returned to its original state. The past month has run that poor room ragged. Our family gathered from Sydney, New York, and all over California to melt into this cozy room for days on end. Wine was drunk, intoxicated selfies were snapped, Shepard’s Pie was devoured, and chair after chair was squeezed in around our welcoming dining room table. That 4th floor San Franciscan hostel has seen some things. And yet it still seems to have in it room for the cozy, familiar…read more