About Olive and Pearl



We, Pearl and Olive, are two sisters from California’s Bay Area. We grew up on a steady diet of vegetables (and more vegetables), our pet chickens’ glorious eggs, and our mother’s spaghetti sauce that was so delicious that it never saw the light of pasta. Crazy stuff.

Healthy, whole food was always key in our household. But, somewhere along the line, our stomachs decided that they could no longer digest half of the food that we were eating. Thus, we turned to a plant-based diet, free of gluten and dairy and very light in animal products. Through years of trial and error, tears, and countless trips to an array of physicians, we have turned lemons into flourless lemon cake.

OliveandPearls.com is our recipe journal of whole, beautiful food. We believe that cooking and baking should be easy and soothing to the body and mind and should be shared with those that you love.

Our recipes should be played with and created again and again with your own variations. Most are designed to make life easier, and to be added onto throughout the week as your schedule adjusts and your tastes prefer. Make extra, invite guests over, and tell us what you think :)