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Preventative Bircher Oatmeal

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Bircher Oatmeal, or as the Pinterest community has dubbed it, Overnight Oats, is one of the best things you can feed your bod at the start of a busy day. Prepared the night before, it combines the satiating ingredients of fibrous oats,  chia seeds, milk, and whatever else you wish to add. This recipe is impossible to get bored of (click that link above and pour through the hundreds of shared photos). This is preventative medicine on a few levels – healthy, but preventative in the sense that two minutes…read more

Oatmeal-and-Then-Some Breakfast Pie

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When we were kids, our parents used to put dollar bills under our breakfast bowls on the mornings when Dad was serving oatmeal. Our dear folks had to resort to bribery to make us eat the stuff. Those singles must have completely clouded my memory as to what it was about oats that had us so opposed as they are now an integral part of our pantry. Since then, we have properly learned to appreciate and revere our oats. Oatmeal is one of the single best foods that you can…read more