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Beluga Lentil, Broccoli and Brussel Sprout Salad

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When I was a wee lad, (girls are lads too, right?) I loved brussel sprouts. I saw nothing wrong with their miniature, cabbage-like way. Then on one fateful day my older sister announced her great and profound dislike of this cruciferous veggie. Right then and there it was over between us. The trash compactor screeched open in victory as my brussels careened and bobbed off of my plate. Luckily for me, my sister, and the sprouts, I grew a mind of my own and she changed hers. Since then brussel…read more

Sustaining Lentil Soup

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Oh, to be contentedly warm and full. Such is the stuff of a Dickens’ novel. It being that both my sister and I will literally wither away and expire upon consuming most comfort foods (gluten and dairy intolerances leave us with potatoes, basically), a bowl of soup contains unsurpassed joy. Especially when made up of a superfood, the lentil. A superfood is a single, whole ingredient that dietitians claim can benefit and even improve your health. Lentils, a member of the legume family, are incredibly nutritious and have been shown…read more